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1 to 1 Creative Development and Coaching

Small group discussion

  • Get over the stress; Get instant improvement
  • Start a fresh canvas with all your elements lined up
  • Nail the delivery with practice and punctuation
  • Tune the pitch for different audiences and different lengths

Sun Yang

Founder and president of IN'S LAB and ENFENET

Roy, thanks to your great coaching, I’m getting quite the exposure in the Korean hi-tech community…I’m back in Seattle now, where we have recently setup our USA branch.

Primal Pitch Workshops

Hacking the Pitch, August 2014 at Hanhai Investment Corp.


  • Learn key pitch concepts
  • Structure and emotion
  • Key stories - how they fit and how to tell them
  • Live Practice
  • Calendar HERE

Jim Caldwell

CEO at E3 Regenesis Solutions

Thank you for a great workshop. I learned that I have been making a lot of mistakes in marketing my business and projects. I will rethink the pitches and look forward to exploring more with you afterward.

Workshops Customized for your Group

Perfect the Pitch at Sustainable Silicon Valley 2014

  • Adjust content and priorities to match your team needs

Marianna Grossman

Executive Director, Sustainable Silicon Valley

Thank you for sharing your knowledge about pitching and presentation skills as the workshop last Friday. I especially enjoyed your physical depiction of the arc of a pitch. This was really helpful in answering Leslie's question about what to do when getting engrossed in technical details and losing control of the flow of the pitch. I hope you will work with us on a future workshop when we run our next round of Call for Solutions

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