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march, 2015


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The Hollywood Hook and Town Hall of Pitching. Let’s have some fun!

Is your pitch BORING?  Dull? Unsurprising and pickled in a brine of buzz and jargon?

The Hollywood Hook will change that. Are you ready for a mind-shift to discover and express your key offer and differentiators?

Join a bevy of Hollywood and video experts to hear advice, examples, and explanations of how they do it in Hollywood, where million dollar projects get “Green Lighted” every day.  This will be a highly interactive interview and discussion event so bring your best 20 seconds and you may have a chance to be coached by our expert guests.

Roy Terry is a professional pitch coach who has served numerous start-ups here in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. His new practice, serves local and visiting overseas companies. He also serves as adviser for several early-stage companies. Multiple client companies have subsequently been funded for a combined amount of over 2 million dollars.  Mr. Terry was  featured in February of 2014 as a pitch coaching expert on the French Business network BFMTV. Clients include Talentoday, Video-Stitch, and Pricematch. He has coached winning teams at TieCon, KTECH 2014 and Launch Festival 2015. He is a tech veteran with over 30 years experience in Silicon Valley as software developer, project lead, and consultant. Mr. Terry has been training and coaching  communication in the Silicon Valley since 1995 and past clients include Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corporation for professional communication skills. Mr. Terry is trained as a public speaker, NLP master practitioner, and also incorporates knowledge and practice from stage acting, hypnosis and improv.


(Tuesday) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Hanhai Investment, Inc.

97 E Brokaw Rd (suite 210), San Jose, CA


The Primal Pitch


Wondering how to master the pitch and entrepreneurial communication?  Attend “Journey to the Primal Pitch” a four part session, FREE , January to April 2014. All sessions will be held on the last Tuesday evening of the month at HanHai Investment Inc., near 101 and 1st Street in San Jose
(This is the only time the series will be free!)

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march, 2015

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The Art of the Pitch - Hollywood Style

The Power of Video and why you should start doing it before you “need it”

Pitching is done live…usually. But what about the pitching done when you send out your “deck”? When others repeat what you said? When they share your contact info?  All these events still matter a lot. That’s why we strive to make the pitch strong, memorable, and especially repeatable. yet it’s still likely to get distorted and weakened when repeated.

That’s where video comes in. With a sharable “pitch” video you can guarantee that important people will get a crisp, clear, and impactful introduction to your project, it’s promise, it’s needs and it’s next steps.

So start making video and getting comfortable in the medium. The time constraints and the one way nature of video “force” you to refine and delivery your message with discipline. That’s extremely valuable. Oh, and don’t share crappy video. If you can afford it, engage a pro!

That’s what I did in my project with C Sharp Video Productions.  Check out their Primal Pitch feature page here. AND, if you want experience and professional assurance that your video will rock, you know who to call!

VIDEO: A Good Pitch is Fuel

Pitch Coaching for 7 Teams at the K-TECH conference in Santa Clara

K-TECH is the Korean tech signature yearly conference in Silicon Valley. And of the 25 Start up teams there was only one pitch winner,

InsLab-K-TECH-2014Intuitive Software Lab, or Ins Lab. Coached and rehearsed by The Primal Pitch!






Sadly, of course, my other 6 teams could not also win :*)
FiveThirty  Hub&Spoke  NewsStock  DIVII  Goorm, Inc.    TriCubics

Contratulations to all teams who worked diligently to accelerate their pitch power!

How good is your pitch?

Why getting your pitch straight in the beginning is crucial to success

  • A 15 minute Investor pitch

    A 15 minute Investor pitch

    Usually with about 10 or fewer slides.

  • The two minute pitch

    The two minute pitch

    Get interest, generate some questions and make a contact.

  • Story and structure development

    Story and structure development

    You know you have value. We'll place it in a concrete situation with a notable story, humor and a convincing message.

Dear Roy, We did get a very good feedback from the pitch Pierre gave at CAFFEET and more generally from the presentation we made of our project. We therefore would like to thank you very much again for the kind and highly useful advice you provided to us during the preparation session. It was a pleasure for us to share thoughts with you at that occasion, and it will be a pleasure to meet you again in SF should things unfold the right way for Pragma! Best regards, Olivier & Pierre Pragma Industries
...Roy helped me get clear on my message...(click to view video)
Evan describes rebuilding to make the pitch clearer and more confident (click to view video)
Evan Marketing Entrepreneur Needing Pitch Rebuild
Roy, thanks to your great coaching, I’m getting quite the exposure in the Korean hi-tech community…I’m back in Seattle now, where we have recently setup our USA branch.
Sun Yang Founder & President IN'S LAB and ENFENET